IJIMT 2010 Vol.1(4): 427-431  ISSN: 2010-0248
DOI: 10.7763/IJIMT.2010.V1.75

Training Mothers of preschoolers in Elaborative Conversational Style

Maedeh Aboutalebi and Karineh Tahmasian

Abstract—This intervention assessed the effect of maternal training in elaborative Conversational Style. We designed this study to examine whether similar effects on mothers conversational style could be obtained by training Iranian mothers. Forty preschoolers (mean age = 55.1 months) were pretested and grouped as having high or low language skills.Children in each group were then randomly assigned to either training or no training conditions. Trained mothers were instructed to use 4 particular conversational techniques to improve children’s understanding during events: Wh-questions,associations, follow-ins, and positive evaluations. Mother-child dyad were observed while they engaging in a specially constructed camping activity. Trained mothers did use Wh- questions, and positive evaluations more than untrained mothers, but there were no differences in mothers’ overall use of associations, follow-ins. Indeed Trained mothers were more elaborative in their reminiscing than untrained mothers. Results are discussed with respect to theory and practice in cultural aspect.

Index Terms—conversational styles, elaborative, culture.

Child clinical psychology student, psychology department, Shahid Beheshti university,G.C.
Fmaily research institute, Shahid Beheshti university,G.C.


Cite: Maedeh Aboutalebi and Karineh Tahmasian, " Training Mothers of preschoolers in Elaborative Conversational Style," International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 427-431, 2010.

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