IJIMT 2010 Vol.1(4): 411-418  ISSN: 2010-0248
DOI: 10.7763/IJIMT.2010.V1.73

Blog Marketing Strategies for Mature and Emerging Markets

Saibal K. Pal and V. Kapur

Abstract—The recent popularity of blogs as fascinating interactive media for online communication has attracted a large chunk of Internet users to publish their views and share knowledge with each other on various topics of interest. Apart from their social impact, the power of online conversation via blogging has also been witnessed in different domains of corporate functioning. Improving market awareness, reputation management, brand building, search engine optimization, CSR reporting and crisis management are some of the activities being increasingly addressed using corporate blogs along with other traditional modes of communication. In this paper, we first study and analyze the response of mature markets towards blogs and identify their benefits and limitations for the purpose of marketing. Next, we find out how blogs are being exploited by corporate organizations in India. Finally, we devise strategies for adoption of blogs by companies as useful marketing media in emerging economy markets.

Index Terms—Blog marketing, blogging strategies, corporate communication, interactive media.

Dr. Saibal K. Pal is a Senior Research Scientist at SAG, DRDO, Metcalfe House, Delhi – 110 054 INDIA (phone: +91-11-23818798; e-mail:skptech@yahoo.com, skp.fms@gmail.com).
Prof. V. Kapur is the Advisor (Special Projects) to the Vice Chancellor,Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi – 110068INDIA (phone:+91-11-29534274; e-mail: avc@ignou.ac.in,vkapur.fms@gmail.com).


Cite: Saibal K. Pal and V. Kapur, " Blog Marketing Strategies for Mature and Emerging Markets," International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology vol. 1, no. 4, pp. 411-418, 2010.

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